Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Daughter is here

On the 10th of February I gave birth to my daughter Lilith-Anna. She is absolutely beautiful. She has the sweetest little face. She looks like a little woodland fairy. I could constantly take photos of her. Sometimes she reminds me of a little blackberry, sometimes she looks like a cherry and sometimes like a squirrel. She has a lot of hair and very dark blue eyes. I hope they stay like that.
The birth was very demanding. Mitja was fantastic, he stayed home with me for 2 weeks and is now back in work for the first time today. And I'm on my own for the first time with Lili, we'll see how it goes.

A few days ago I did a blessingway ceremony for Lilith, to bid her welcome in this life in the name of the Goddess. I called to Bridie and asked Her to shine Her light on Lilith, to bless her, guide her and run wild and free with her all her life. I lit Lilith's blessing candle and anointed herwith milk. Then I called to the Lady of Avalon, asking Her to bless Lilith and gave her the elemental blessings. It was very touching.