Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year

The new calendary year has started and I am quite content with 2010. I finished my university degree and manifested the first ever German Goddess Conference. I am for the first time ever in my life VERY proud of myself. It was only after the German Conference that I realised that there hadn't been a team of organisers - it had truly only just been me. For some reason I have always been ashamed of my dreams, since they were only dreams. My inner judge LOVED to tell me to get real, to forget my dreams and that I'd never manifest them anyway. After the German Conference had really very successfully happened there was a blissful period of time when I really felt that I can do and achieve anything in the world. It was wonderful.

So what can I say about the Conference? It was bliss to have it. I am immensely grateful to a few very beautiful women without whom I couldn't have done it, who were in the ceremonial group, facilitated workshops and most of all were generously giving their energy to support me and back me up: Cassandra, Andrea Dechant, Miriam Raven, Elaria Andrae and especially Elin Heijll-Guest, Peti Songcatcher and Kathy Jones. Also the support of my lovely partner Mitja deeply touched me. It was colourful, deep, vivid, joyful, full of songs, full of beauty, meaningful and full of sisterly connection. We celebrated Holle as the Great Goddess in the centre and introduced the German Wheel of the Goddess to the world: Matrona and Hel as Crone Goddesses and Queens of the Underworld in the Northwest, Perchta, the Shining One, Mother of Earth in the North, Snow Maiden Skadi in the Northeast, Artio, shaman mother of fire in the East, Freya and Loreley, Lover Goddesses in the Southeast, Ran, Mother of Water in the South, Rosmerta and Caiva, Mother Goddesses of Abundance in the Southwest and Hertha/Nerthus, Mother of Earth in the West. There was ceremony, there was drumming, there was chanting, there was releasing, there was receiving, crafting, bonding, embodyment, nourishing food, walks in the land that was surrendering to hibernation, and for me there even was a birthday cake. The amazing Astrid facilitated a beautiful ceremony for my 30th birthday which I think was completely born from the moment and deeply touching.
I thoroughly enjoyed serving and celebrating the Goddess in Germany, the land where I have lived for more than 26 years, and having my sister priestesses of Avalon with me, as well as sharing the experience with other old friends and beginning new deep friendships. Watching my mum journey through the Conference and my partner enjoying being the bubble of it all just was the icing on the cake.

So now I am brimming with ideas for a second Goddess Conference in Germany. But first there are other things I want to birth. I want to let the beautiful creative energy that filled me after the first Conference flow into books and paintings and stay in the flow of where the Goddess takes me to. On the one hand it feels like a step back not to continue straight away with the next conference, but on the other hand, I am just integrating even more wonderful things into my life. The second German Conference will happen, only not straight away.

I am learning to hold that energy within and the belief that I can achieve all that I want to, with trust in the Lady to walk with me through the new year. I hope She brings me joy and adventures!
Blessings to all xx


  1. Let me know when and where you want me for the Second conference! ;)
    All love, Elin

  2. ... same to me :-)
    love and blessings,

  3. I am so happy and pleased for you! Here's to many more achievements! You can do it! xoxo

  4. Will of course let you know, dear sisters!!
    Thankyou Elle, yes, may 2011 be a year of adventures, joy and achievements.
    Love and blessings to you three xxx