Thursday, May 31, 2012

First Vienna Goddess Conference

I have just come back from the First Goddess Conference in Austria. It was a really big colourful event. When I manifested the First German Goddess Conference in 2010 I invited austrian artist Artedea. At the Conference she met my friend and priestess sister Elaria who was in the ceremonial circle and who is also from Austria. These two women had the vision to create a Goddess Conference in Austria and together with trainee priestess of Avalon Hildegard Kirchweger and a fourth woman they started manifesting... And now there are two babies which have come from that First German Conference, as Artedea said on Saturday: my own beautiful daughter and the Austrian Conference. I thought it was really lovely of her to link back to that Samhain Conference we held in Germany. Because I had my 15 weeks old baby daughter with me I couldn't priestess at the Austrian Conference and I felt very much included and appreciated by Artedea however,  which was a really good feeling.

Participants enjoying the sunshine

The beautiful castle

Amazing performers dancing the Goddess of the Austrian Wheel - BEE-AUTI-FUL!

Peti, Eva and more musicians

Grüß Göttin Fireworks

It was lovely to see and reconnect with so many of my friends and priestess sisters. We all do live rather far apart frome each other and with the pregnancy and newborn baby I havn't exactly been very mobile these last few months. The Conference was held in a beautiful castle with parks and the weather was just gorgeous.
There were talks and workshops, music and dance, great artists and fantastic food. The only thing I felt could have been deeper was the ceremonies. There weren't many ceremonies and I didn't feel the Lady very strongly. I don't know how many of the priestesses in the ceremonial circle were actually fully trained priestesses, but it is a lot easier to do a ceremony and to hold space with a group of priestesses who have had the same training. This will grow if the priestesses continue to do ceremony together. I do hope that I may join them in the ceremonial cirlce next year.
The energy of these days was lovely, the performers and the artists really brought in a strong positive woman-power-energy which was very nurturing and gorgeous. I enjoyed making new friends and I already miss all of them!

Rigani Mother of Earth

Percht Mother of Air

I am in awe at what these four visionary women have manifested. I really hope they do another conference again next year.

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